Maria Hatling


Ladylike lounging

Ladylike lounging


Act like a lady, dance like lady, lounge like a lady. This collage painting celebrates women of all ages, at all stages of life. Youthful, energetic yellow, like a sunrise or sunset, celebrating the beginning of every new day full of new opportunities. 

• Original one-off collage painting.


Acrylic, watercolour, oil, pastel, pencil, spray paint with stitched detail on St Cuthbert’s Mill watercolour paper with deckle edge. Measuring 56 x 76 cm or 22 x 29.9 inches.

Signed and titled on the back. This allows you to hang your artwork both landscape and portrait depending on your personal preference. 

Artwork requires box frame to accommodate 3D/raised dots.

Price includes free shipping.

Series : Connected 2019

Everything is connected, the past and the present, what we do off and online. My current body of work is informed by the way we as human beings relate and interact with each other. My collages and paintings are mostly abstract but if you look closely you might spot characters interacting within the frame, that’s if you choose to. I am interested in striking a balance between free expression of colours and brush strokes fuelled by human emotion and finding a moment of stillness. This is what I try to achieve within my collages and paintings. For me, the dots in my work represent islands of clarity and focus.

Colour is central in my work. I collect colour stories wherever I go. I collect these stories on my way to the studio, going back to Norway and on my travels. These fragmented colour combinations collected as photos act as catalysts for the more extensive colour work I undertake in my studio. Read my colour journal


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