Maria Hatling



‘I believe colour communicates emotion, creates mood and speaks directly to the soul.’

Commissioning a bespoke artwork is a very private process and one that will ultimately create a unique piece of art that holds meaning that perhaps only you can access. In a world where most of the things we are surrounded with are classed merely as ‘stuff’, this collaboration between the artist and commissioner is an opportunity to add another layer to the artwork. This is a layer that embodies perhaps private moments and memories represented by colours in a way different to that achieved by a photo.

Upstream_W1 by ©Maria Hatling 2019.jpg

I love experimenting with different colour combinations and find it exhilarating that not two individuals have the exact same colour taste, that our personal colour preference is shaped by who we are, where we have been and what we have experienced.

You may have read my colour journal where I show you the photo’s I collected of colours that speak to me. I have my personal colour preferences and think of certain colours representing certain things which and I am sure you experience too. If you like my style of painting and would like a work painting based on your personal colour preference, palette or scheme, this can be arranged.

How to commission a bespoke artwork that will hold a significant and personal meaning to you.

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*Get in touch via our contact form or e-mail: with a picture or colour references of a place showing the colours that mean something to you. Your colour story can submitted in form of a narrative, a photo, cuttings of yarn or paper, anything that really communicates the colours that hold significance for you.



*After deciding on size and price of the piece you would like to commission, I will produce three watercolour sketches for you to see before deciding upon the composition and colour proportions you like the most. Once you have decided on the sketch you prefer I will begin working on the actual artwork on canvas, using acrylics, spray paint and adding hand stitched details to the final stretched painting. Please be aware that the final artwork will not be an exact copy of the sketch. The watercolour sketch is only a tool to find the right proportion of colours so that the final piece will communicate the right emotions.


Monochrome option:

If colour is not your thing you might prefer a monochrome painting in a custom size. Again, please get in touch to discuss the size of the artwork required. The process will be the same as above. Once a size has been decided upon I will create three sketches for you to see the prospective layout of the painting. As outlined earlier, the final artwork will not be an exact copy of these sketches. They are only meant as a tool in order to decide upon a composition you as the client are going to be happy with.

Play_2 W7 by ©Maria Hatling 2019.jpg

Bespoke paintings are offered with a slim slip frame made from hard wood. We will work together to decide upon the best colour and quality of wood for the frame once the process is underway and the painting is taking shape.

Examples of prices and lead-time for this kind of commission.

60 x 80 cm (23.6 x 31.4) inches £1550

100 x 100 cm (39 x39) inches £1950

110 x 135 cm (45.3 x 53.1) inches £3000

130 x 165 cm (51.1 x 64.9) inches £4200

It will normally take between 4-6 weeks to complete a commission of this kind.  


Paintings on paper :

It is also possible to commission bespoke colour collage paintings on paper in series or as singles. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss colour, price and lead-time for works on paper made to order.