Maria Hatling





Together we can achieve more. Together we can create a sense of community and room for play. 

In a life where we all spend so much time online. Doing our own thing. A sense of real community where we meet face to face is perhaps the most important component of a modern life. 

Series : Connected 2019.

In her current body of work Maria investigates the way we as humans relate to and interact with each other. In this work she is interested in striking a balance between free expression of colour and bold brush strokes fuelled by human emotion and creating a visually tactile relationship with the work by stitching into her collages and paintings. 

Her collages and paintings are mostly abstract but if you look closely you might spot characters interacting within the frame. For Maria the dots in her work represents islands of clarity and focus. 

Colour is central in Maria’s work as she collects colour stories wherever she goes. These fragmented colour combinations collected as photos acts as catalysts for the more extensive colour work undertaken in her studio. Follow Maria’s colour journey here

• Original one-off painting sold with white slip frame ready to hang.

Acrylic on raw Japanese canvas with stitch detail measuring 132 x 167 cm or 52 x 65,7 inches.

Year : 2019

Signed and titled on the back.

Price includes free shipping in custom made art crate.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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