Today I would like to introduce the third scarf from my new collection My London’ inspired by the city I have been happy to call home for more than a decade. 

An English rose is an expression normally used to describe a natural beauty. My English Rose print is a handmade flower collage created from colourful pieces of paper gathered from magazines. These small slices of colour were layered to create a rose in full bloom over a hand drawn traditional check to create a unique illustration rich in depth and texture.

In my mind the tartan check is synonymous with British fashion and culture. This type of woven wool fabric was not commonly used in Norway during my childhood, but overtime time I have come to appreciate the enduring qualities of this cloth. 

I have discovered that this is what happens when you live and work within a different culture over time. The things you did not understand in the beginning become part of your own fabric of life and inspire you in ways you would never have expected.


Maria x

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