In this journal post I would like to introduce my Spot Arrow printed scarf inspired by the amazing creative energy I feel within London. This is the seventh scarf from my new collection My London inspired by the city I have been happy to call home for more than a decade and that I truly love.

The creative energy I feel within London is unlike any other city I have ever visited. London has an edge yet feels settled and traditional. A cosmopolitan melting pot still true to itself and it’s own traditions. A place to feel free to explore your own creativity and to meet and feed from other likeminded people. May this special energy never leave this city so close to my heart. A wish one can only hope will materialise over the challenging years ahead. Let’s hope creativity wins. Creativity = vitality = happiness in my humble opinion. 
Maria  x
The Maria Hatling Spot Arrow printed scarf, a strong graphic print, to keep you warm and combat any winter blues. Coloured in two distinctive colours stories the only question that remains is  “Are you more of the green, grey, blue or purple type?” Or is a spicy palette of mustard, pink, paprika, tobacco and fuchsia more to your taste?

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