A  L O N D O N  L O V E  L E T T E R

Today I would like to introduce the first designs from my new silk scarf collection  ‘A London Love letter’ which is an extension of the ´My London´collection.

The collection came alive whilst pondering the pros and cons of city living. I grew up near the beach and the mountains, that was my childhood. Roaming free can give you a lot but so can the city. One of the things I like the most about London is how green the city is. Hyde Park, Battersea Park, Victoria Park, Regents Park. The list is long. They say that 47 percent of London is green space, that’s nearly half the city. That’s amazing.


My ‘Embankment Tulip’ print was inspired by a small detour on my way to Somerset House you can walk along the pavement next to the river Thames and the traffic, through an area with rows upon rows of beautiful tulips and other well groomed flower beds flowering all summer. Not really a park but an area I would describe as a green lounge in the middle of the city. After discovering this area I will now forever take this route to Somerset House.

I have decided that if you seek out and use the green spaces this city has to offer, both small and large, the longing for closeness to nature in everyday life can be kept at bay. So for now the city wins.  The ‘Embankment Tulip’ prints leaves were painted with ink on paper whilst the flower heads were drawn on paper using a range of oil pastels, crayons and pens.

Another thing I have been pondering over lately is the fact that nowadays nearly all communication is done via e-mail and the times I find myself actually handwriting letters is getting rearer by the day. Yet there is nothing like receiving a card or letter on nice stationery in the post. My ‘London Love Letter’ prints were hand drawn in my signature style with black felt tip pens in different sizes with quick strokes. The hand drawn individual style has natural imperfections which add to its personality. My ‘London Love Letter’ silk scarves comes in two different scales and in several different colour stories to fit different personalities inspired by colours stories collected from different parts of London.

I will continue to add at least one new silk scarf a month to my journal and shop this summer followed by wool scarves in Autumn. Come back here if you would like to see more of the ‘London Love Letter’ collection unfold over the summer months.

Maria x

You can view the first scarves in my ‘London Love Letter Collection’ here