M A R I A   H A T L I N G   X   L I I S A   R I S K I   X   T H E   S H O E M A K E R Y

This ditsy hand drawn floral print was developed for my print collaboration with Finnish label Liisa Riski used for her ‘Summer Meadow’ collection.

A collection based around the feeling of fresh Scandinavian summer, an experience I adore and that takes me back to the my childhood spent roaming free growing up in Norway. Personally I love to wear simple cotton dresses during  summer. I love that this one has sleeves so that there is no need to find anything to go with it except for in my case a pair of black shoes or sandals. Should the weather change, I’ll throw on an easy black jacket.

To make this dress suitable for autumn I will wear it with black tights, boots and perhaps a cosy black knitted jumper or cardigan. Items I already have in my wardrobe. During summer I like wearing this dress with one of my London Love Letter silk neckerchief scarves to brighten up the outfit. The ‘Summer Meadow’ print I designed was used for sandal too. These artisan sandals are handmade to order by my Swedish Cockpit Arts studio college Maria McLean the women behind The Shoemakery

Maria x