Today I would like to introduce you to my take on the fish & chips print. This large square scarf printed on wool cashmere comes in two colour stories, more on this later, and is my first tribute to British food traditions and culture from my new collection  My London

I love that the British navigate from pub to pub and that good pub grub is not hard to find. Having grown up in Norway where the institution of the pub as the social community hub holds more or less no tradition at all. I still find it super charming after more than twelve years on this island that whenever you ask for directions here the landmarks mostly refereed to navigate by is always pubs. Ok I agree that nowadays the variety of pubs are perhaps more diverse than ever and that my preferred type of pub, the gastro pub, is perhaps not the real deal. These days I prefer food to go with my drink but this was not always the case and I will still be filled with nostalgia when taking to old university friends about the watering holes we use to frequent in our student days. Never less I can’t deny that I truly enjoy a good pub meal but I have to admit I prefer my fish and chips to be served on a plate rather than in yesterdays newspaper.

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