Today I would like to introduce my ‘London Girls’ print. The sixth print from my new collection My London.

 London girls are as diverse as the city they live in and that’s exactly why they never fail to inspire. I am not going to lie sometimes the style of London girls challenge my personal taste but this is exactly why I love this urban tribe. Unafraid to not conform and happy to experiment, women of all ages in this city seem to find the metal space to be and dress in whatever they like and I believe this is the essence of my love for London.
Again and again this city and it’s inhabitants remind me that taste is personal and that even if you do not like something it doesn’t mean that it’s bad taste. Just different tastes. My ‘London Girls’ print is meant to celebrate this diversity, drawn from the colourful streets of London. The city where there is a creative energy to be found in almost every corner. The city I am happy to call home!
This print started out as a hand drawn sketch in Monmouth Coffee Borough Market drawn whilst waiting for my very stylish and individual girlfriends to turn up. The arrival of my friends mixed with glancing out at the crowd of people enjoying the market made the colour story for this print a multi coloured one.


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