In this post I would like to introduce my City Farm Chickprinted scarf which is the fifth scarf from my new collection My London. This long wool cashmere scarf, comes in two colour stories and is a perfect example of how everyday life and activities feeds into my work. 

On a visit to one of London’s city farms my son was offered to have a closer look at one of the chickens. This particular chick had other plans and with a very rock and roll city chick attitude it nipped my son on the finger. We nick named the offender ‘Keith Richards’ as its appearance and attitude was more rock and roll than most

chickens we have ever encountered before. The rough and ready style this chicken was painted and penned in was a direct reaction to this incident. The scale of this print could never have been small or ditsy. It had to be large to match the personality of its source of inspiration, Keith ‘The Chicken’ Richards.

Over the past three years I have had the pleasure of discovering how many amazing activities there are to see and do in London whilst hanging with my boy before he starts school. This particular print ‘City Farm Chick’ was inspired by the above and numerous other visits to both Vauxhall and Hackney city farm. We love them both dearly.
 Maria x


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