In Conversation With

Having a network of people you can ask advise from and be able to give advise to is something I value highly. One of the most rewarding aspects of sharing my creative journey is meeting a range of different makers and creatives who let me in and share their own stories and creative journeys.

I believe the colours we like to dress in and live with are highly personal, and not as trend led as one might like to think. I think we all have our own personal favourites. An instinctive preference shaped by the era, culture and where in the world we grew up.

With this belief in mind I am curious to investigate how different creative people from different walks of life think about colour and how they apply it to their work, home and way of dressing. If your work is multi coloured does this automatically mean that your home and wardrobe is too? Are the majority of us square pegs in square wholes or is there more round pegs in square wholes out there than one might think?

Stay tuned for colour talk with some super talented people coming her soon.