I find it endearing that the tradition of high tea, created in 1840, is still artfully served in many of the capitals finest establishments. This quintessentially English meal between meals inspired my ‘High Tea’ print scarf as the visual look and layout of my illustration was modelled on the colourful delicate treats and decorative tiered stands they are served upon.

In busy modern life one can of course not sit down for high tea everyday. If I am honest I can even find myself too busy to remember to eat anything in the afternoon. Especially if I am in creative mode and in the flow of a project, print or drawing. I’ve been known to forget time and place all together.

I am sure I am not the only one that would love nothing more for someone to provide me such a wonderful treat every afternoon when my creative drive slips away. I am not saying that a complete serving of high tea would be required but a petite delicious pick me up would be lovely. Until this happens I will carry on dreaming about outstanding high tea served at Sketch, The Ritz and Fortnum & MasonThis scarf is part of my collection My London based on everything I love about the city I call home.

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