M A R I A   H A T L I N G   C O L O U R   S T O R Y   3   |   B E  R M O N D S E Y    L O N D O N   

I discovered these little colourful windows under a railway bridge near Bermondsey on a whim. The windows  struck me as utterly misplace in a cosmopolitan city like London, at the same time as they where poetically beautiful. It might have been the light on that particular day that made me stop and take the photo, it might have been the fact that I was waiting for my friend Jenny to arrive so that we could take the kids to Tate Modern for a play date. Either way I am glad I did.

As with many of my colour story pictures on this journal, these windows are no longer. Constant redevelopment in the city often means that the odd bit  and bobs I am drawn to photographing is now longer there next time I pass the same spot. It happens all the time.

The colours of these odd little windows stayed with me. I love the bright yellow and red next to the dirty white and different shades of grey. I used this colour combo for one of my wool scarves. My High Tea Print scarf from my collection My London