M A R I A   H A T L I N G   C O L O U R   S T O R Y   1 2   |   R E G E N T’ S   C A N A L

I have to be honest and admit I am not hundred sure where along the canal this picture was taken. Somewhere between Hackeny and Islington.

I am not known amongst friends to have the best internal compass. In company of friends I will trust that others will know where we are heading and pay more attention to the conversation and my visual surroundings than my exact location. I love that the owner of this riverside property has decided to hang a painting down on the public walkway where we can all enjoy it. Next to the random selection of coloured canoes this paints a perfect picture of harmonious creative riverside living. The truth might be very different but that’s what I’d like to imagine. Would love to live here.