M A R I A   H A T L I  N  G   C O L O U R   S T O R Y   6   |   B R O A D W A Y   M  A R K E T   |    E A S T    L O N D O N 

A trip to Broadway market in East London provides the colour story above. Perhaps most famous for it’s street food it was actually a vintage frock that caught my eye during this visit. I love this strange colour combination of this fab vintage brick coloured coat and happy strange coloured leaf print dress.

I used to love browsing vintage shops and markets when I was younger and my favourite activity used to be spending hours hunting for unique treasures in form of hats, shoes, dresses and jewelry. I still remember my first visit to London and Camden Market the summer I had just turned seventeen. Visiting from Norway being used to shop in the one and only secondhand store in town, discovering Camden and Portobello market made me not only spend all my money, but a desire to live in London was born.

I still have a few vintage dress and accessories in my wardrobe, but nowadays most of my clothes are new. This urge to spend time hunting for vintage left me about six years ago, but like with all cycles of trends and interests I am certain this passion will return. What’s for sure is that there is a lot to learn from and get inspired by what’s been created before especially when it comes to the free use of colour. What’s your favourite era? Mine used to be the 70s for clothing and the 50s & 60s for furniture, but nowadays I am not hundred percent sure.