M A R I A   H A T L I N G   C O L O U R   S T O R Y   5   |   S O U T H   L O N D O N 

I was biking home after a dentist appointment when I spotted these pink & blue ropes in the road. A large lorry with building material was blocking the cycle path to unload and I was forced to stop.

I was not keen on stopping as half my face was still numb from my dentist visit and the idea of having to talk to someone right then and there was not appealing at least, but spotting these ‘pretty’ ropes in the road I could not help stopping to taking a quick picture on my phone. The classic colour combination of blue and pink is one that I never grow tiered of, easy to wear and flattering against most skin tones. Personally I prefer a darker blue or navy with a soft shade of pink. The shade of pink in this picture evokes for me the ideas of a sunny casual summer wardrobe and perhaps a floaty silk scarf to go with.


Here an example of the above colour palette used in my work.