M A R I  A   H A T  L I N G   C O L O U R S T O R Y   2 7


Whenever I pass this derelict corner in Peckham London I can’t help taking a quick snap. I have photographed this very same spot many times, in all types of weather. I absolutely love the colour combinations found on this south east London corner and the palette framed automatically transfers me to Northern Africa and the souks of Morocco. Why? I am not quite sure. All I know is that I love the turmeric yellow, next to the cinnamon brown, the lift of cream and the dark cumin stripe on the right. The spot of dark green representing the fresh mint tea, served in glass tumblers, the flash of pink a reminder of the many delicious sweet treats on offer. I can imagine this palette working well for both fashion and the home. I will explore and share the result. This colour palette makes me want pack my bags and head for Morocco to explore.