M A R I A   H A T L I N G   C O L O U R  S T O R Y   24

The back of this scaffolding van just talked to me when I was whizzing passed. Lovely shades of pinks and blues a colour combination that I keep revisiting. A touch of pink and optimism to break up a sea of winter blues seems like a good idea in wardrobe terms.  Reflecting on this particular colour combo, it also strikes me that whenever I see others wearing this ‘classic’ combo it always re-confirms how much I like it. It’s something about the combinations of blue and pink that seems to work with a wide verity of hair colours and skin tones. Easy and fresh. 

I love the different shades of blues and pinks and the flecks of red against the natural colour of the steel poles. I can instantly imagine that this palette will work well on any artwork using watercolours to merge the tones.