M A R I A   H A T L I N G   C O L O U R   S T O R Y   2 3 | C E N T R A L  L O N D O N

Deep in the city of London I spotted these lovely natural tones of colour and texture whilst waiting for my train. Only the simplified underground logo, an instant giveaway of where this picture was taken.

The natural tones of cream and ‘driftwood’ in different shades with an accent of two bright blue stripes works well. A palette easy to wear and to create with. When worn I feel these colours used in the same proportion as shown in this picture, mainly naturals with a pop of bright blue leaves enough room for your personality to shine. I can imagine an outfit of naturals with a bright blue handbag or hat. Me forever and always an accessories lover.

M A R I A   H A T L I N G   W A T E R C O L O U R  &  P E N