M A R  I A   H A T L I N G   C O L O U R   S T O R Y   21   |   C E N T R A L   L O N D O N

This dark and moody colour palette above spotted out and about in London holds only tiny promises of sunnier times in form of the light citrus yellow preset in the frame. Yet, for me this type of moody black, dark green and cream colour palette is both stylish, practical and feels new thanks to the added yellow. Sometimes I am not in the mood to dress like a rainbow and for those days this colour combo is close to perfect! How do you feel? Does your mood affect the colours you choose to wear?

Here in London the temperature is dropping steadily! Yet, nothing like at home in Norway where temperatures below zero has been the norm for quite some weeks. Growing up in Scandinavia means that I secretly do not mind wrapping up in layers of cosy knitwear and scarves.

Used on textiles this colour palette would look good on both silk and wool. Used for the home this palette would achieve a very striking but individual result. Cosy thanks to the dark green and black, balance added by the cream and interest added by the yellow colour pops, perhaps in form of interchangeble cushions and throws.
When I was around  fifteen I convinced my parents to paint my room dark bottle green, like the colour of the tiles in the picture below. I loved my my dark teenage cave.