M A R I A   H A T L I N G   C O L O U R   S T O R Y   14   |  E A S T   L O N D O N

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a colour addict. You see it all the time especially on social media. Beautifully curated muted colour profiles looking gorgeously colour coordinated and unified. I enjoy looking at this type of profiles, and sometimes I wish my work would lend it self  to a more unified, limited soft colour approach. I think this for a minute until I have to admit that this would never work for me, I would feel board very quickly and would feel the need to mix things up.

Saying that I am determent to work with more naturals, softer colours and pastels to widen my horizon when designing. This will be a personal challenge to me as even the ‘softish’ colour palette captured above contains a square of geranium red.

A soft sophisticated pastel colour palette looks gorgeous on the right skin tones so I will give this experiment a go for my new silk scarf collection.