Kew Gardens . A never ending source of inspiration. A day spent here even on the greyest summer day is amazing.

It’s become a family tradition to visit the light show at Kew. Love the way this event makes me feel all Christmassy.

My personal understanding of happiness is very much linked to time. Time to do what you want, and to do what makes you truly happy. For me these are simple things like drawing, painting and designing my scarves. It’s to get to know and spend time with my son before he starts school. It’s to visit and see my family more than annual leave in a full-time job allows.

In a society and culture that wants us to always consume, work and play at the speed of 200 mph I feel time spent experiencing London through the eyes of my toddler is something that I really treasure. He makes me see things differently. Together, we spend time in places I would never have gone if it weren’t for him. Our boy is a young train enthusiast so we spend a lot of time in places like the Science Museum and London transport Museum. He looks at the trains, and pushes buttons. I look at different colour combination and learn about the history of London.

Last week we visited the Barbara Hepworth exhibition on at the Tate Britain until 25th of October. This trip meant that the Hepworth sculptures had to be talked about and explored through the eyes and ears of a two and a half year old train enthusiast that sees tunnels and tracks wherever he goes. It is also great to teach our son that the name Barbara is not just the name of the snail that lives in Peppa Pigs garden. Having said that we only spent 30 minutes inside the exhibition, the maximum attention span of a two and a half years old for anything, then 40 minutes playing outside in the gorgeous autumn sun.





Taking a brake from my ongoing  work I decided to visit the Sonia Delaunay The Eye exhibition on at the Tate Modern last week. This was an amazing opportunity to view and discover the full body of work of one of my absolute favourite print design heroes and female artists, a true queen of prints.

Being home with a my toddler that soon to be will no longer need to nap during the day can sometimes feel like the day is very long and the evening when I work very short. This particular afternoon my boy decided to have a nap and I took an audio guide tour through the exhibition and was lost in time and art history for 45 minutes.

I used to love art history when I was at school but growing up in a small town in Norway there was really not many exhibitions for me to see. Being home with boy before he start school we try to catch as many exhibitions as we can.

From my sons’ point of view this means that he knows his way around child friendly places like the Tate Modern and the Barbican and has already been to more exhibitions at two and a half than I had when I reached my teens.

Personally I think this is one of the main perks of growing up in a city like London.

The little guy hanging outside Tate Modern.

The fantastic Sonia Delaunay exhibition is on at the Tate Modern until 9th of August. Catch it whilst you can you will not be disappointed especially if you take the audio guide and her the music and rhythms and learn about the different cultures that influenced Sonia’s radical approach to used of colour both in painting and in garments.

As a print designer and artist this exhibition made me feel like I need to go home and paint more and that’s a good thing.

Ever since I discovered the book ‘Rear Bird of Fashion’ about Iris Apfel’s personal style about 8 years ago she’s been my number one style icon. Below my illustration of Iris.

Can’t wait to catch Albert Maysles film I R I S about the great woman herself.  Out in the UK in July.