Welcome to my journal. My story in colour and pattern. I’ve been searching for a place to share the stories behind my work and have decided that this journal is where they belong. Looking for my portfolio you can find it here or visit my shop here

On this journal I share the stories behind my work on paper, textiles and canvas every month and let you in on the creative process from primary research to finished artwork. My colour stories share the process of challenging my own colour taste and expanding my view on colour combinations through my work. These colour stories will evolve, over time I will test the palettes I am instinctively drawn to photographing and show you the experimentation and end result.

This is me. I was born in South Korea, adopted and brought up in Norway, where I lived until my early twenties, before I moved to the UK to study and work, in grown up life I treasure the fact that my work is informed by many sources.

From my biological parents comes some of my visual language, which manifests in many ways, including painting, illustration and textile design. My preference for bold clean graphics is surely flavour by my childhood and youth spent in Scandinavia, while my interest in texture and mark-making must reflect childhood spent outdoors exploring the beach I grew up a stone’s throw away from in the summer, and the mountain in the winter. My understanding for colour and composition is partly a result of thought and study, but must also have been a birth gift.

As an artist and designer I am interested in exploring how my visual language evolves over time. At the moment I would describe my work as bold clean and graphic, truly Scandinavian. But I can feel a shift coming, where texture, detail and scale will become more and more important. Is this the UK finally making its mark? I have explored this shift in my collection ‘My London’. A working title I still use when creating personal work. Read the full story about the ‘My London’ collection here

Balance and Imperfection: In my illustration work I strive for a balance between the rough hand-drawn felt-tip pen I draw with and the clean bold colour graphic added digitally.Personally I prefer simple sketches or half-finished work rather than something that have been overworked. This love for imperfection, slightly rough and ready, is a quality I treasure and try to keep in my illustration always.

The Key To Happiness! This has been an ongoing theme in my personal work for many years now. My key to happiness is simple and complex at the same time, like my work I suppose: it’s all about following your heart and discovering what truly makes you happy. It is to carry on creating and exploring without sacrificing family, friends or relationships on the road to creative fulfilment. This sounds simple, but I am sure that there are many out there who will agree that this is not as easy as it sounds. My abstract key characters are intended to keep you company on the search for your own key to happiness. Read the full story here

I love fashion but prefer style: I believe that when it comes to dressing we all have favorite colours, and styles and fabrics that we prefer! My scarf collection is designed in the conviction that women and men do not blindly follow fashion and trends but that choosing what to wear it is as much as anything to do such questions as does the colour suit my skin and hair colour? How does it make me feel? Does this item work with my overall personal style, lifestyle and personality? Hopefully there should be something for everyone!

All my scarves are made with love in the UK. It is very important for me that as a UK resident all my creative output is produced as locally as possible; ideally in London where I live and work, and the closer the better.

If you have an idea for a project or want to commission an illustration or want to collaborate please get in touch.