Colour story eighteen

Colour story 18

Y O R K !

Who would have known that a visit to the national railway museum in York would spark inspiration beyond providing the ultimate day out for our train loving son?

A classic retro colour palette of chocolate brown, shades of grey and black can be all so easy and comforting when dressing for nippy Autumn days! A pop of yellow like in this picture will help bring an monochrome outfit up to date and add some playfulness. I would go as far as to argue there is more chance of have fun if you top your monochrome or tonal outfit off with a bright yellow knitted beanie hat. In print design this palette if used in the right proportions would create striking fabrics ready to lift the dullest shapes or outfits. A bright yellow hat of some sort is definitely on my shopping list this Autumn.

Posted on September 18th, 2016

Colour story seventeen

Colour story of the week Maria Hatling | www.mariahatling .comS O H O | L O N D O N

Love, love, love the colours in this photo and super keen to use this combination in my work, an autumnal palette with a hint of ‘magic’ sparkle.

Love the idea of elephant grey, dark berry, mustard, black, gold and just a twinkle of cobalt! Rich and delicious!

Sometimes the most beautiful colour combinations reveal themselves in the most unexpected places. This picture was taken on my way into my studio in central London and is actually a very tired shop front. Derelict attracts me! I can’t help it.



Posted on September 8th, 2016

Introducing the Maria Hatling ‘High Tea Print’ Scarf.


I find it endearing that the tradition of high tea, created in 1840, is still artfully served in many of the capitals finest establishments. This quintessentially English meal between meals inspired my ‘High Tea’ print scarf as the visual look and layout of my illustration was modelled on the colourful delicate treats and decorative tiered stands they are served upon.

In busy modern life one can of course not sit down for high tea everyday. If I am honest I can even find myself too busy to remember to eat anything in the afternoon. Especially if I am in creative mode and in the flow of a project, print or drawing. I’ve been known to forget time and place all together.

I am sure I am not the only one that would love nothing more for someone to provide me such a wonderful treat every afternoon when my creative drive slips away. I am not saying that a complete serving of high tea would be required but a petite delicious pick me up would be lovely. Until this happens I will carry on dreaming about outstanding high tea served at Sketch, The Ritz and Fortnum & Mason.


My High Tea print is part of my collection ‘My London’ based on everything I love about the city I call home.

Have a closer look at the Maria Hatling High Tea Print Scarf here.


Above the picture that inspired the colour story of my ‘High Tea’ print scarf. Read the full story here.

Posted on September 1st, 2016

Colour story sixteen.


M U N K H O L M E N | T R O N D H E I M

Spotted whilst hanging with friends in Norway.

Natural colours like shades of grey, brown and rust has always appealed to me. Especially when planning and dressing for the winter season. Ever since I was a young girl growing up a stones throw away from the sea, these natural colours of earthy tones have always been close to my hart but alone can feel a bit boring! The black spots on theses rocks appeal to me as they have a faint reminiscence of animal print! The clashing touch of the colour peach and metal makes the palette feel modern and new. The colour peach is one I have pervious not used much in my work but is eager to experience with. I think accompanied by shades of warm grey, charcoal and rust this pallet including peach will be a sophisticated one, perhaps suitable for silk scarves?

Posted on August 29th, 2016

How to style the ‘The English Rose Print’ scarf

Maria Hatling The English Rose Print Scarf colour stroy purple &

I have talked about this before on my journal but the base colours in my wardrobe seem to stay the same season after season. I can’t help myself. I am a repeat buyer when it comes to colour. I love black, white, navy, grey and denim.

A few years ago you would not have seen me use the colour combination of bright blue and purple together. Actually you would not see me use the colour purple at all. Then something changed! I started noticing violet flowers everywhere.

It all started with the short lived but beautiful wisteria season in London. In the beginning I ignored all these little violet flowers trying to speak to me. However, seeing the wisteria in full bloom on my daily travels through London made me have to quietly admit to myself that the colour violet is in fact lovely, feminine and fresh. I didn’t know exactly how I went from starting to like the colour violent to experimenting with purple and bright blue designs but I am pretty sure these pictures of mine from a few years ago had something to do with it.



That’s the amazing thing about a quick snap you take on your phone. For me these photos work like personal visual notes. They are there to remind me that I need to do something creative with the colour combination that has caught my eye. My ‘English Rose’ print scarf is the outcome of this obsession, a scarf for the true blue colour lover or a purple convert just like me. Worn with a navy dress from Liisa Riski.

Maria Hatling The English Rose Print Scarf colour stroy purple &

Have a closer look at my ‘The English Rose’ print here 

Posted on August 24th, 2016

Love Full Stop /// Edit 10

Love full stop picks by Maria Hatling_11

1/MAISON MARGIELA shirt 2/ BLAZE MILANO jacket 3/MARIA HATLING the english rose wool cashmere scarf 4/MANU ATLIER bag 5/VALENTINO shoes 6/MAISON MICHEL KATE hat 7/DIOR sunglasses

In real life ones wardrobe might not be lined with just as many treasures as in this edit, however the picks above I Love Full Stop. Maria x

Posted on August 23rd, 2016

Colour Story of the week 15



This ferry interior was spotted on a short boat trip out to an island whilst visiting Norway this summer. The image I took represent for me a ultra retro colour palette with a hint of Christmas. Moss green next to some beige set off by the bright red handles. The light quality in Scandinavia during the summer is so special it makes this humble ferry looks poetically beautiful even on a day when mister sunshine was only party present.

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Posted on August 21st, 2016

Maria Hatling ‘The english Rose’ print scarf

Maria Hatling The English Rose Print Scarf colour stroy purple &

Today I would like to introduce the third scarf from my new collection My London inspired by the city I have been happy to call home for more than a decade. 

Maria Hatling The English Rose Print Scarf colour stroy purple &


An English rose is an expression normally used to describe a natural beauty. My English Rose print is a handmade flower collage created from colourful pieces of paper gathered from magazines. These small slices of colour were layered to create a rose in full bloom over a hand drawn traditional check to create a unique illustration rich in depth and texture.

In my mind the tartan check is synonymous with British fashion and culture. This type of woven wool fabric was not commonly used in Norway during my childhood, but overtime time I have come to appreciate the enduring qualities of this cloth. 

I have discovered that this is what happens when you live and work within a different culture over time. The things you did not understand in the beginning become part of your own fabric of life and inspire you in ways you would never have expected.

Maria x

Posted on August 14th, 2016

Colour Story of the week 14


Some people and publications are just so good working with soft colours and neutrals! The soft plates favoured by stylish magazines like Kinfolk and Cereal is so appealing. I love this modern look and thoroughly enjoy flicking through and reading the articles in lifestyle magazines like these.

I wish I wasn’t such a colour addict. I will try and work more with naturals and pastels to widen my horizon when designing but this will be challenge to me. A soft sophisticated pastel palette looks gorgeous on the right skin tones. Will give this a go for my new silk scarf collection in the making at the moment.

Posted on August 8th, 2016

Love Full Stop /// Edit 9

1/ JW.ANDERSON top 2/BALENCIAGA skinny-leg leather trousers 3/STELLA MCCARTNEY coat 4/ MARIA HATLING fish & chips print wool cashmere scarf. 5/SAINT LAURENT tassel-trimmed velvet bag 6/SAINT LAURENT babies lace up sandales 7/MONICA VINADER bracelet 8/CELINE sunglasses

In real life ones wardrobe might not be lined with just as many treasures as in this edit, however the picks above I Love Full Stop. Maria x

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Posted on August 8th, 2016