O and I got married pretty much 10 years after we got together and the morning after dancing our shoes off we went straight to the airport and on to our honeymoon.

We embarked on an American west coast road-trip starting off in lovely San Francisco. We spent the first couple of days in San Fran hanging out in the Mission district around Valencia. We had the best burrito ever in a small local place called La Taqueria and had a brilliant evening of food and movies at the Foreign Cinema where they showed the film Shadow of the Vampire on a large wall in the courtyard for Halloween as the local kids ran outside dressed as ghouls, ghosts and Iron Man.

The following story might not make me out to be particularly bright, but I am going to share it anyway as it makes us laugh when we think of it.

We had had a lovely morning at the Richard Serra exhibition at the San Francisco Moma where we shared a slice of what could possibly be the worlds most pretentious cake, a Mondrian sponge cake slice, before heading over to have a closer look at the famous Golden Gate bridge. Then it was on to have a cocktail at the Cliff House by the beach for the sunset. By the time we where stating to think about where to go for dinner I was already starving.


After a quick flick trough the Wallpaper guide we settle for trying our luck with a restaurant called Nopa, a favourite amongst locals and notoriously hard to get a table unless you reserve way in advance. We were lucky and got a 7.30pm cancelation. O is the photographer in ‘our family’ and he enjoys snapping away wherever we go. On our way over to Nopa I was too hungry to think about anything but food, so when we hit the street Divisadero where this Nopa restaurant was supposedly located and O was still snapping away; I was just concerned with getting to the restaurant. Divisadero is quite a way outside the city centre and when we finally arrived at the restaurant we were eager to sit. The Maitre d seemed to have some trouble finding our reservation but after Owynne explained that we had rang up and spoken to someone that had given us a cancelation, we were given a nice table by the window.

The restaurant was buzzing and we ordered drinks from their beer list, which was longer than some wine list’s I have seen. It was all going really well until O suddenly mentioned, “I thought they served American food here?”. It turned out that I had walked us in to a totally different restaurant called Bar Crudo which  served Japanese fusion food. This was definitely not Nopa.

By the time we had realized the mistake it was too late to leave, not that we would have wanted to as we had instantly liked the place, as our drinks had arrived. We confessed our embarrassing mistake to our waiter, who was a very friendly chap, and carried on to have the best meal of our trip. The sashimi, lobster heirloom tomato salad, head on devil prawns and  seafood chowder served at bar Crudo were amazing.

When we got married I chose not to take O’s surname. Lucky this meant that the next day we managed again to get a table at Nopa making the reservation in my name this time. The food at Nopa was good too, in fact the whole Divesedero area turned out to please our taste in bars and restaurants.

Here are a few more tips from our trip.

W E    L O V E D

In the Big Sur:  Our stay at The Deetjens, Lunch at the Post Ranch Inn and the coffee at the Big Sur Bakery.

In Santa Cruz : The extremely friendly locals, especially the couple who paid for our lunch at the pier.  Pizza and ping pong at Engfer’s.

At the Grand Canyon:  The view of the Canyon blew us away.

Palm Springs: Everything about the Ace Hotel

LA: Our visit to the Rose Ball flea market followed by a very nice lunch at Little Dom’s, a local bistro recommended to us by the very friendly staff at BookMarc.

The WeeGee exhibition at MOCA. The friendly staff and atamosphere at Bar Marmont where we went for dinner.

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Posted on November 22nd, 2011