Colour story of the week 2
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My neighbors’ stairs, on a rainy February day like today.

Wintertime can be wet and grey in the UK. Most things loose its colour on a rainy day, but not my neighbors’ stairs! When it rains they turn a rich colour maroon with bright red speckles. I love these different shades of reds next to the nearly golden looking stone. So rich, so Autumn Winter, love it. I will keep this in mind for the time I am in need of rich colour inspiration when designing a new collection.

I love taking photos both with my phone and my small point and shoot camera when I am out and about. My favorite snaps to take are random photos of groups of colour and texture that catches my eye. These images later feed into my work, both paintings and print design. Through my journal I will show you how. I will post a picture every week to connect the dots. Show you in a simple visual way the way I work from research to finished print or painting. Change is in the air. This spring my journal transform.

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Posted on February 25th, 2016