Introducing the Maria Hatling spot arrow print scarf


This month I would like to introduce my ‘Spot Arrow’ printed scarf inspired by the amazing creative energy I feel within London. This is the seventh scarf from my new collection ‘My London’ inspired by the city I have been happy to call home for more than a decade and that I truly love.
The creative energy I feel within London is unlike any other city I have ever visited. London has an edge yet feels settled and traditional. A cosmopolitan melting pot still true to itself and it’s own traditions. A place to feel free to explore your own creativity and to meet and feed from other likeminded people. May this special energy never leave this city so close to my heart. A wish one can only hope will materialise over the challenging years ahead. Let’s hope creativity wins. Creativity = vitality = happiness in my humble opinion. 
My ‘Spot Arrow’ printed scarf is available here from my online gallery.


The Maria Hatling ‘Spot Arrow’ printed scarf, a strong graphic print, to keep you warm and combat any January blues. Coloured in two distinctive colours stories the only question that remains is  “Are you more of the green, grey, blue or purple type?” Or is a spicy palette of mustard, pink, paprika, tobacco and fuchsia more to your taste? The scarf is worn in these images with my favourite green wool dress and rust wool culottes both by my very talented friend Liisa Riski. 


Have a closer look at the grey, green, purple and blue version on the Spot Arrow Print scarf here.
Or the mustard, pink, paprika, tobacco and fuchsia version here.


Posted on January 20th, 2017

Colour story twenty three

C E N T R A L  L O N D O N

Deep in the city of London I spotted these lovely natural tones of colour and texture whilst waiting for my train. Only the simplified underground logo, an instant giveaway of where this picture was taken.

The natural tones of cream and ‘driftwood’ in different shades with an accent of two bright blue stripes works well. A palette easy to wear and to create with. When worn I feel these colours used in the same proportion as shown in this picture, mainly naturals with a pop of bright blue leaves enough room for your personality to shine. I can imagine an outfit of naturals with a bright blue handbag or hat. Me forever and always an accessories lover.


Posted on January 15th, 2017

Colour story twenty two

D E P T F O R D  | L O N D O N

Metallic shimmer in many shades is what I personally associate with 70’s disco, the allure of sparkling lurex if you will. My own personal taste mean that when it comes to mixing my metals I remain quite conservative, if I can help it.

Snapping this image of an old rusted gate makes me predict that this might change in the future. I absolutely love the shade of cool silver next to the warm copper tone sat against the sparkly dark green and classic black.


Posted on January 15th, 2017

Introducing the Maria Hatling ‘London Girls’ print scarf


This month I would like to introduce my ‘London Girls’ print. The sixth print from my new collection ‘My London’.
London girls are as diverse as the city they live in and that’s exactly why they never fail to inspire. I am not going to lie sometimes the style of London girls challenge my personal taste but this is exactly why I love this urban tribe. Unafraid to not conform and happy to experiment, women of all ages in this city seem to find the metal space to be and dress in whatever they like and I believe this is the essence of my love for London.
Again and again this city and it’s inhabitants remind me that taste is personal and that even if you do not like something it doesn’t mean that it’s bad taste. Just different tastes. My ‘London Girls’ print is meant to celebrate this diversity, drawn from the colourful streets of London. The city where there is a creative energy to be found in almost every corner. The city I am happy to call home!
This print started out as a hand drawn sketch in Monmouth Coffee Borough Market drawn whilst waiting for my very stylish and individual girlfriends to turn up. The arrival of my friends mixed with glancing out at the crowd of people enjoying the market made the colour story for this print a multi coloured one.
If you would like to have a closer look the this scarf you can do so here.


Posted on November 20th, 2016

Colour Story Twentyone

C E N T R A L   L O N D O N

A dark and moody colour story for a particularly grey time of the year.

This dark and moody colour palette spotted out and about in London holds only tiny promises of sunnier times in form of the light citrus yellow preset in the frame. Yet, for me this type of moody black, dark green and cream colour palette is both stylish, practical and feels new thanks to the added yellow. Sometimes I am not in the mood to dress like a rainbow and for those days this colour combo is close to perfect! How do you fell? Does your mood affect the colours you choose to wear?
Used on textiles this palette would look good on both wool and silk.
Here in London the temperature is dropping steadily! Yet, nothing like at home in Norway where temperatures below zero has been the norm for quite some weeks. Secretly I do not mind wrapping up in layers of cosy knitwear and scarves.



Posted on November 7th, 2016

Introducing the Maria Hatling city farm chick print scarf


This month I would like to introduce my ‘City Farm Chick’ printed scarf which is the fifth scarf from my new collection ‘My London’. This long scarf, printed on wool cashmere, comes in two colour stories and is a perfect example of how everyday life and activities feeds into my work. I have mentioned this before but if you are new to my journal you may want to know that every month this year I will introduce a new print from the ‘My London’ collection. Each journal entry will let you in on the story behind my prints and how the artwork came to life.

On a visit to one of London’s city farms my son was offered to have a closer look at one of the chickens. This particular chick had other plans and with a very rock and roll city chick attitude it nipped my son on the finger. We nick named the offender ‘Keith Richards’ as its appearance and attitude was more rock and roll than most chickens we have ever encountered before. The rough and ready style this chicken was painted and penned in was a direct reaction to this incident. The scale of this print could never have been small or ditsy. It had to be large to match the personality of its source of inspiration, Keith ‘The Chicken’ Richards.
Over the past three years I have had the pleasure of discovering how many amazing activities there are to see and do in London whilst hanging with my boy before he starts school. This particular print ‘City Farm Chick’ was inspired by the above and numerous other visits to both Vauxhall and Hackney city farm. We love them both dearly.


MARIA HATLING CITY FARM CHICK PRINT SCARF COLOUR STORY GREY | WWW.MARIAHATLING.COM Discover the personal story behind this artwork by reading my journal.

Fancy a closer look at the City Farm Chick print scarf? If you prefer the grey version take a look here or if duck-egg is more you. You can find it here.


Posted on October 18th, 2016

Colour story twenty


B A R B I C A N | L O N D O N

Ultramarine! The electric blue hue that always seems to speak to me! It catches my eye even when I think our love affair is over. In this picture taken outside the Barbican I find it extremely handsome! Flirting with a shade of golden yellowish green I find that I am yet again seduced by this electric shade of colour. In combination with natural grey this palette need to be explored further.


Above some evidence of my flirt with these colours:

Blue Bananas scarf by Maria Hatling_03 | GALLERYBOBBIN.COM_JOURN

Have a closer look at this scarf here


Have a closer look at this scarf here.

Posted on October 17th, 2016

Colour story ninteen


H O R N I M A N  M U S E U M  |  L O N D O N

Dreamy shades of pink, purples, blue and tobacco brown. A micro underwater landscape discovered on a family outing to the Horniman Museum with my boys last weekend. There is something ultra feminine about this colour story, not particularly me but after I came home and had a look at my photos from our day out I have to admit that the colours in this snap speaks to me! What’s do you think? Like it or not?

We had a lovely family day out despite some rain! The farmers market and the dinosaur exhibition on at the Horniman museum until the the 30th of Oct kept us all busy for hours.

A palette to come back to when I feel in the right mood to create something ultra feminine perhaps on silk chiffon, that would be a totally first for me. To be continued. 

Posted on October 17th, 2016

Love Full Stop /// edit 11

Love full stop picks by Maria Hatling_12

1/THE ROW dress 2/ MARIA HATLING high tea print wool cashmere scarf 3/TOGA boots 4/CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA bag 5/SAINT LAURENT sunglasses 6/ISABEL MARANT bracelet. 

In real life ones wardrobe might not be lined with just as many treasures as in this edit, however the picks above I Love Full Stop. Maria x


Posted on September 26th, 2016

Colour story eighteen

Colour story 18

Y O R K !

Who would have known that a visit to the national railway museum in York would spark inspiration beyond providing the ultimate day out for our train loving son?

A classic retro colour palette of chocolate brown, shades of grey and black can be all so easy and comforting when dressing for nippy Autumn days! A pop of yellow like in this picture will help bring an monochrome outfit up to date and add some playfulness. I would go as far as to argue there is more chance of have fun if you top your monochrome or tonal outfit off with a bright yellow knitted beanie hat. In print design this palette if used in the right proportions would create striking fabrics ready to lift the dullest shapes or outfits. A bright yellow hat of some sort is definitely on my shopping list this Autumn.

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Posted on September 18th, 2016